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Being better at choosing images
- tips from our image editor
A picture is worth a thousand words, or so they say. And there are thousands and thousands of fantastic images to choose from in Johnér's extensive archive. No wonder you might find yourself having trouble deciding on what images to choose.

Are you among those who think it's difficult to choose images for your communications? Johnér's image editor Lovisa Rönnquist is here to help you make better choices.
Lovisa Rönnquist
About Lovisa Rönnquist
Johnér's image editor Lovisa Rönnquist is on hand to help customers find the images they are looking for when they are not having luck themselves. Having selected the absolute best images from our freelance photographers, Lovisa knows our image archives better than anyone else.

Five amazing tips for choosing better images
Images: ima192732, masma82946, ima207032
1. Find a red thread
"I am partial to tone-on-tone images so I generally go with the editing type that feels right and look through images with the same tonality. I often find a particular image that is perfect for my purpose and then I choose a color from that image that I want to repeat in my other images. For example, I could choose an image of someone wearing a red sweater. The color red then gives direction to the other images I choose. Naturally, the motif and action take center stage, but I want there to be unity."
masma55074, adding pepper into cooking pan
2. Avoid repeating what your words say
"For me, it is a big no-no to choose an image that says the exact same thing as your text. It makes communication overly specific and boring. In this respect, think twice and choose an image that adds something new. When the image and text relay different messages, the viewer needs to think a little extra and participate and engage."
Images: masma72633, ima187221, ima207529
3. Go local!
"It's smart to choose local images. If your communication is about life in Finland your images needs to be Finnish or Scandinavian. Though you may not notice immediately, there are lots of details in an image that divulge its origins. For instance, you may be able to tell from the environment or furniture, or the fashion and hairstyles of the models. Images are culturally coded, so choose images that your target group can identify with."
ima208807, Couple standing at lake
4. Think norm-creatively
"Norm-creative communication has a lot of benefits. Always try to think past the first image that pops up in your head. Consider what might be an unexpected choice. If you need an image of a kindergarten class, it will spark more interest if the image depicts a male, non-Nordic teacher and children playing with non-normative toys. When portraying a family, you could choose an image of a non-nuclear, atypical family, etc..."
isris099qq0b, Truck lifting shipping containers
5. Collect good images
"To find new images to inspire your communication, check out our New Images or Image Inspiration page where we are constantly adding stimulating images. Create one or more albums at to collect images for your various purposes. You can name your folders as well as easily share them with colleagues and customers. I use albums on a daily basis for storing images I find when I'm searching through new material. Sometimes I find images that I think may suit a particular customer in the future or collect interesting images in different topics and categories."
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Photographers: Maskot images (masma77346), Stina Gränfors (ima192732), Maskot images (masma82946), Stina Gränfors (ima207032), Maskot images (masma55074), Maskot images (masma72633), Lina Arvidsson (ima187221), Stina Gränfors (ima207529), Pernille Tofte (ima208807) and Image Source (isris099qq0b).