Did you know that we remember 80% of what we see, but only 20% of what we read?

Infographics - when you need more than an image
The right image makes a big difference to your communication. We at Johnér are convinced of that. But sometimes a photo is not enough. You may want to highlight facts or explain something complicated. Then infographics are the perfect solution.

Now we're expanding our range with a new product - illustrations! Great for those who want to create infographics.

4 out of 5 internet users use social media daily

Three key benefits of infographics

1. It generates interest
The sheer flow of information in today's society means we have to be selective. We have become accustomed to skimming or scrolling through text and content. Then you need something that sparks interest. A good infographic stands out and captures the viewer's interest whether you use it on social media, in an informative text on your website or in a report.
2. It clarifies
With an infographic, you can make what is complicated both clear and simple. By visualising numbers or, for example, a flow, your information becomes easier to understand than when your audience has to absorb the same information in text.
3. It's easy to remember
Infographics are also a great way to help viewers remember your information. It is easier to remember what you see in an image than what you read in a text.
Bonus: it's a hit on social media
Infographics are often are a summary of your most important information. That means it usually stands on its own without the need for further explanation. In other words, it's perfect for social media where interested parties can easily share it further!