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Three reasons why you should use video in your communications
The use of video in social media and other channels has exploded in recent years.

Still not sure if video is right for your communications? Jonna Ekman of Storykit gives you three key reasons why video is a format every business should have in its toolbox.
Jonna Ekman, Storykit
About Jonna Ekman and Storykit
Jonna Ekman is marketing manager at Storykit. Storykit is a video tool that aims to be so simple that anyone in the organisation can use it. You can upload your own footage to the tool, but you can also upload footage and video from different image providers.

Jonna, what am I missing if I don't use video?
Oh, lots! Video is by far the most effective format for conveying information. Study after study shows that we remember moving material better, we consume it more often in its entirety, we share it more often and so on. What's more, audiences really want to see moving video from your company. So having video in your toolbox is more or less a must these days.

Having said that, I don't mean that everything always has to be video, on the contrary, we should of course continue to use all sorts of different formats to communicate, but if you use video as well, it makes a big difference!

3 reasons to say YES to video
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1. The research gives it a thumbs up
There are plenty of studies showing why video should be at the heart of every company's communication strategy today.

Two examples are that 96% of audiences say they watched a video to learn more about a product or service, and that 87% of marketers who work with video say they've seen an increase in traffic to their site.

(Video Marketing Statistics 2022, Wyzowl)
2. Customers love video!
Audiences really want video on social media, and it's not really that surprising: video is easy to consume directly on the platform, easy to share, and also captures the viewer's attention.

All companies need to realise that they can no longer sit and wait for the audience, but that they need to be where the audience is, with material the audience wants to consume and work with formats the audience loves. If you work with video on social channels, you've ticked two of the three boxes already.
3. It's easy!
Because video today can be so many things - from a lavish commercial made in high-end software, to a short clip you shot with your mobile camera - there are no limits to what you can do and how you can work with video. Just get started!

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